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The world of casinos has been growing for as long as people knew the fun of taking risks, we started with back streets, then to legislated buildings and now to the internet; first with our computers and now we can carry them on our mobile phones! As this has happened the amount of casinos has grown exponentially which has had the effect of the creation of a load of different types of deals to edge us close to choosing one online casino over another and gamble with them instead of the competition.

With so many different deals, it can be hard to understand the value that they hold and how to best take advantage of them. Because of that, we are going to take a look at what is on offer and lay out all the different kinds of deals, their pros and cons and what we can do to take best advantage of those deals. As well as this we will see what we can do to mitigate some of the potential downsides that are often snuck in the sign up process, with a focus on those famous free spins!

What are Free Spins No Deposit?

You can play slot machines IE  for Free spins, which is a part of the sign up deals that are offered to new players as incentives to get us to join with that specific online casino provider. They vary massively in sizes from offers of only 10 all the way up to the 100’s or potentially even higher, though when the deals seem too good to be true there are often caveats that will trip us up on realizing the assumed potential of these offers, we will get into this properly later.

Are no Deposit Free Spins Worth it?

They absolutely can be and for a few different reasons. Firstly we have the potential of making free money from online slots games. Who, if offered to legally make free money would say no? There is a reason that free spins are always on offer, both as sign up deals and also as in game incentives. It is because they are hugely useful. Being able to make a profit from nothing is an opportunity that so many people are looking for.

The other use that free spins can have, aside from the potential of real money returns with no risk is that it can allow us to get to know other games, make mistakes as we bumble around previously unused features or bonus games specific to the games on offer with the free spins. This space to get used to a new game can be incredibly helpful in forming a strategy in conjunction with understanding the functionality of an online slot games volatility (An average approximation of how regularly any player will win a spin) and RTP (Return To Player) and how they affect the approach that we should take because of these things.  

Common Free Spins no Deposit Offers in 2020

With there being hundreds, if not thousands of different online casinos vying for our attention it comes as no surprise that there is a huge variety free spins no deposit deals that are offered to us, all trying to outdo the last or choosing some gimmicky number that acts as a marketing ploy to reinforce their companies name. Excluding the latter, let us take a look at the standard offer that we will see being advertised by online casinos trying to tempt us in.

  • 10 Free Spins
  • 15 Free Spins
  • 20 Free Spins
  • 30 Free Spins
  • 50 Free Spins
  • 100 Free Spins

There is a fairly wide range on offer, there are offers that a 10 times the highest value displayed in the list above, however when we get into those territories we are increasing the risk that we are being scammed. As the old adage goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Although that does not necessarily mean it is a scam if the offer is above 100 free spins. Some online casinos offer huge free spins no deposit deals, however if the offer really is that high then there are probably little tricks hidden in the terms and conditions. This can be done in a few ways, either by making it impossible to actualise the real money winnings that we have made or by making it near impossible or actually impossible to make any real money with the free spins they are offering. We’ll discuss this properly in the terms and conditions section when we look at the ways to make the most of no deposit free spins.

Other Common Bonuses

In the near overwhelming world of online gambling, casinos will do anything they can to make themselves stand out and because of this a myriad of different deals and sign up offers have been born to make each casino look like the right choice for us. Let us take a look at what other offers are available and try to break down their uses and how they can relate to our individual play styles.

Cash Bonus

Cash bonuses or free money! Sounds amazing and it can be great. It is as simple as it sounds, online casinos will offer free money as a part of signing up to their service meaning we get straight into playing with absolutely zero risk! One of the great things about this bonus sign up offer is that it has a much greater utility than most the previously mentioned deals, this is because free spins are an exclusive offer specific to slot games and whilst slot games are a huge part of the online casino world, they are not the be all and end all. There is a plethora of other games that we can get our teeth sunk into such as table games (e.g. Blackjack, Roulette and Poker), Live Games and Tournaments. These games do not function on a spin basis and therefore the free spins are foreign currency as far as they are concerned. Free sign up cash is the solution to this dilemma.

Deposit Bonuses

Much like the above, this is another way in which casinos will give us players free money to play with. Though has a deposit required; for us to put some skin in the game, so for those of us who are looking for risk free fun with a chance of reward this might not be the best option. For those of us who feel that gambling isn’t real gambling without risk then this can be a great way to get the most out of the real money that we are putting into our accounts. Deposit Bonuses come in two different forms. Let us break them down.

Conditional Deposit Bonuses

First we have conditional deposit bonuses, these function by creating set deposit amounts that we as players must meet in our sign up to make ourselves eligible for the bonus for registering. These can come in varying amounts, for example it would not be uncommon to see an offer giving us the opportunity to get our hands on €50 bonus cash in exchange for making a deposit of €100. A 50% return on our money is pretty great when all it takes is a quick sign up, but like is the case with so many deals, there is better yet out there.

Match Deposit Bonuses

An often advantageous deal that is available is match deposit bonuses, this is where there are no minimum deposit amounts meaning it is more easily accessible to a wider variety of financial backgrounds, but it also means that we get more bang for our buck. In comparison to conditional deposits we would gain a 100% return on our welcome bonus.

Before you go and withdraw all your life savings though, it is important to know that because of how good this deal is, instead of minimum requirements, there are caps on the amount that an online casino will match. We will often see deposit matching go up to around €100 though there are gambling sites that offer more, so have a search online yourself for some juicy sign up deals! (Full Ts and Cs Apply)

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are the one bonus that we will not find as a part of a welcome bonus. It may seem obvious, but how can we prove loyalty when we have only just signed up to an online casino, other than perhaps with large deposits and as we mentioned, there are special offers that come with that on its own. We get loyalty bonuses by staying with a given online casino for an extended period of time. An interesting thing about loyalty bonuses is that they have a dual function in how they interact with players. On one hand they are there to reward players who have loyally stayed with them, but on the other they are there to give us some great new deals to entice us to come back into the fold and play through there site again.  (Full Ts and Cs Apply)  

Combining Promotions

Each and every deal has its own set of flaws and benefits. There is a great way to neutralise these downfalls that some casinos offer, this is combined promotions. This means that a casino will offer free spins in conjunction with bonus cash – this can be seen in both the no deposit sign up bonuses and the deposit welcome offers.

There is also another way in which we can combine promotions and that is to shop around between multiple online casinos. This only really works in relation to those of us who are planning to make a deposit though. If we have €200 that we want to deposit to play with, then there is a way that we can make that money do some serious work before we’ve even spun a single slot. Splitting that deposit across 2 casinos can negate the limits on deposit matching meaning we can get 100% extra bonus money instead of the deposit match being capped at €100 and having the rest of our deposit doing nothing for us. (Full Ts and Cs Apply)

Can I make Real Money with Free Spins?

This question is one commonly asked and carries with it a little bit of a minutiae. It is completely possible to make real money from free spins, but there are often hurdles that we are required to overcome to be able to turn any profits in to real money. We will get into this complicated issue more in the terms and conditions section, but as we say, there are often requirements that we as players must fulfil before we have a hope of being able to make any withdrawals of our sweet winnings.

That being said, there are groups of people out there who solely play online casino free spins to get a no risk reward. There is such a community for this that they have built programs to scour the internet for all the best and easiest deals to make money from. They put a huge amount of effort into gaming the system; spending so much time developing these software based tools. This alone is a huge testament to the great potential that free spins can offer to us as players. With so many online casinos trying to grab our attention to get us to choose them as our new casino, there is a lot of opportunity to make some real money winnings from these deals if we keep our eyes peeled for the right deals.  

What a casino is after is for us to invest our own money into our account with them and play with some real money, else why would they exist. It makes no sense for a business to only present ways to take money from them. As we can expect there must be give and take in the relationship we have with casinos both physical and digital. If they can get us to return to the, the odds of us making a deposit to enable us to keep playing is significantly higher.

Are Demo Slots the Same as Free Spins?

Demo slots and free spins are worlds apart, though on the surface level they can seem fairly similar, though with some significant key differences between them. Unlike free spins, Demo slots have no ability of giving us free money or any real winnings, meaning with no risk comes no reward. It is as the name would suggest, a demonstration. We can use them to have the same functionality in regards to learning how to use a given slot game. A few online casino game distributors will provide demo slots on their websites such as Play ‘n Go as well as Pariplay LTD or Red Tiger Gaming. There are also plenty of websites that offer demo plays, usually with the goal to get us to sign up to play with real money, but not always.

On top of being a way to entice us to play with real money, they are also great ways for companies such as those previously mentioned to be able to give us the opportunity to get to know the new games that are soon go live, meaning we can decide whether we like them before they are released. With so many slot games out there to play, most people quickly gather a small list of favourites that they jump between providers to play and gather all the great sign up bonuses we can earn when we register.

Are Free Slots no Deposit Better?

Free Slots with no deposit are very different from Demo Slots, the big difference is the chance of financial reward for our time gaming. Free slots are as the name would suggest, Slots we don’t have to make a deposit to play, they will be pre-decided by each online casino and used with a few different intentions.

Akin to demo slots, they are a great way of getting us into a specific game this can be done for a few reasons. Either to highlight a newly released slot game or perhaps to push and under performing slot. Alternatively and slightly more maliciously, they can be slots that have particularly bad RTP’s meaning that the odds of making any winnings could be incredibly difficult. Once we are signed up the odds of us making a deposit are much higher and therefore it is still in their interest to offer the deal, even if it is based on a false promise.

Another reason this can be done is as we spoke about before with the demo slots, free slots can be a great way to get to know a specific game. Using free slots gives us the additional chance of making some profits whilst we get to know the game. Who knows, some of us may be blessed with beginners luck.

Slots that Worth Playing with Free Spins

There are loads of great slots out there to play and with each casino offering different games alongside those sweet free spins, lets take a look at two top choices that we think will be great to get into, if you are new or an old veteran of the gambling world.

Fluffy Favourites

Made by Eyecon this one of the cutest games you will come across, it is filled with beautiful creates to watch run around the reels. Fluffy Favourite slots is a fairly basic slot game which makes it perfect for getting started on and learning the basic mechanics of how slots work. It comes with a 95.388% RTP and a high variance which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that we need to bare it in mind as we consider our playing strategy. This visually simplistic game has a lot to offer, especially with cascading wins, which means we can get multiple wins per spin giving even more scope for those big wins!


Starburst is a superb slot produced by NetEnt to get started on it has a great RTP of 96.09% and a low variance meaning we are statistically likely to make lots of wins and with a max win of 50,000 our stake the odds really are great. This isn’t even mentioning the actual game itself, which is beautifully crafted. Set in space as we could expect from the name - we are given shining jewels and redesigned classic symbols to try and match up in the beautiful darkness of space with a planet just out of sight. Starburst is a slick game which minimal things to act as a distraction from us playing a great slot game.

Rainbow Jackpots

Another great choice to get started on online slot games is Rainbow Jackpots slot. Do you love the Irish and all the odd creatures that a leprechauns? This is a great game and it is relatively new as well, only being released this year! With a standard 5 reels with 3 rows each and with that 20 different winning combinations for us to get our hands on. It has a reasonable RTP of 95.16% with a Medium to high variance so whilst we might have to hold on a little while there is a good chance to make some winnings! Especially when it comes with a jawdropping max win of 1,000 times our stake putting this in the context of real money, with the max bet it could net us up to  €500,000 in a single spin!

Terms & Conditions with No Deposit Offers

This is the big daddy of sections; Everything important is in the terms and conditions – it can be the make or break of whether a   promotion is worthwhile or not. There is a fair bit to unpack so lets get started. (Full Ts and Cs Apply)

  • Wagering Requirements

One of the biggest things to catch us off guard and that can make it near impossible to get away with any real money is wagering requirements. They require us to have gambled a set amount, sometimes this can be sky high.

  • No withdrawing winnings

Even worse, some casinos will make it so that the money you make from bonus deals is actually fake money and completely impossible to withdraw. This can be a crushing realisation, especially if there is a good amount of profits that you have managed to win.

  • Restricted Games

As we touched on earlier, casinos will often place restrictions on which games we can access with our free spins or other promotional deals, you will be able to find the restrictions in the terms and conditions fairly easily.

  • Free Spin Value

Another big one to look out for is the set value of free spins. The industry standard value is €0.10 per free spin, keep an eye out for ones that lower – it could make it a complete waste of time. This trick will often be seen in conjunction with offers of obscene amounts of free spins

  • Expiry

One other really annoying thing we can find in the terms and conditions are free spin expiries. Meaning that if we don’t use them quick enough then they will disappear. Whilst most casinos have a reasonable time that they will last for (a week or so), some casinos will give tight restrictions being as short as a single day expiry in some cases.

  • Slow Release Free Spins

Some casinos will offer free spins, but restrict the amount we receive each day. There isn’t really any catch with this, but it is important to understand why this is done. If they have tied the free spins to a great game, we might want to carry on playing after the (for example) 10 spins we receive for that day. What’s the easiest alternative to keep playing? Make a deposit. This tactic also enshrines a routine of playing with their online casino, pushing us closer to being a loyal player.

Why Do Casinos Offer Such Good Deals?

Some of us may be wondering why on earth a casino would offer to give away so many free things. For a casino, it is paramount to have fresh players joining up because of the biggest issues that they face is players lacking loyalty so these online casinos try to go above and beyond to make us join their casino, after all a player who is not a member is an untapped resource of potential money.

This may seem cynical, but realistically they are a business and for us to be able to win, some people unfortunately have to lose. A casino where everybody won would not be a casino for very long at all. We must try to approach gambling with this understanding both when looking at prospective deals to sign up to, but also when go to play the games themselves, losing sight of this is how some people can end up in bad situations.

What to do if the offer seems too good to be true

Luckily there are regulatory bodies out there to try and protect us against any illegal activity, however that does not mean it is fool proof. The internet is vast and impossible to truly police, some sites may look wholly legitimate, but they could be a blacklisted site that could refuse to make payouts for various reason, whether (flexibly) legitimate reasons or not.

The first thing to do if you think you have found a stooge slot site is to hope onto a search engine and see what the internet has to say about them. There are forums that are easily accessible where other gamblers just like us get together and discuss all sorts of things. One of those important things is whether an online casino is legitimate or not! If it all looks good, people have had little to no problem with that casino then the likelihood is that you are safe to go.

Alternatively you can check to see when their licences were last updated or if they exist at all. All casinos are legally required to display their licences to ensure they are upholding the legislative standard set by the betting commission. If you are unable to find anything that gives you this information, there is a high probability you are about to be involved in a fraudulent online casino, in which case you want to get out there quickly!

Make sure to check this before you deposit. Retrieving money from illegitimate casinos can be incredibly difficult if not impossible. With them being online, tracking down the company or the people who have set the website up can be impossible, either through them hiding their location by using untethered digital wallets to hold your funds or them being in other countries which can make it particularly hard to get our hard earned money back. Try to remember to be careful at all times when in the process of signing up. It cannot be stressed enough. We are here to play and take risks in a controlled environment, there is no need to increase the risk so greatly.


After getting through all of this, we should now have a solid understanding of all the deals that are offer: Free Spins, Cash Bonus, Deposit Bonuses, Conditional Deposit Bonuses, Match Deposit Bonuses, Loyalty Bonus.

As well as this we have learnt that we can combine these great offers together to make custom bonuses that best suit what it is that we would like to get from our expierence, depending on our risk tolerance and the different games that we would like to play. On top of this we also looked at the sly tricks that some of the lesser online casinos use to goad us into signing up with them when they have no real intention of ever paying us anything and what to do to try and avoid getting trapped by these malicious companies. And for those respsectable companies, we looked at what systems they put in place as apart of their marketing plan and what the kind of effect this can have on us as players who are looking for a new casino to get signed up with. Remember, be safe and have fun!

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