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With so many different options for online casinos, there are many things to take into consideration when you are looking to choose the best slots ie sites for yourself to become affiliated with to play slot games on. You want to look for slot sites where there is a wide range of different slot themes for you to choose from and where it is easy for you to switch from one slot to another. Also looking for a slot site where there are different wagering requirement options on casino games enables players to make the most of their credit and their time playing so that they do not run out of credit very quickly. Try to find a good variety of RTP scores, variance levels and jackpot sizes so that there is an appropriate mix of slots game styles for you to take advantage of, as well as taking note of the bonus features, regular offers and welcome bonus package that you would be entitled to when you signed up to the slots on line site. Full terms and cs apply always so be sure to read them before making your decision as to which slot site is best for you, especially when it comes to the wagering requirements, deposit quantities and max bet levels, but the main thing is that you always have fun, play safely and ensure responsible gambling when on any slot sites.

Are Slots Online the Best Casino Games?

Traditional slots have always been popular in the bricks and mortar setting, but with the technological advancements, the online casinos have enabled slot sites to boom. Online slots are now the most popular online casino games and there are many reasons as to why players love them so much. The online slot does not, firstly, require any sort of skill or strategy to be able to participate in playing this game as it is a completely luck-based games scenario. This means that any new customers can immediately be in with just as much chance of winning a bonus cash instant prize as someone who has been playing online slot games for years. This is due to the fairness, equality, and safety that all online slot games use but you do need to make sure that you are playing on the best slot sites here. It is the RNG which controls and therefore prevents cheating from occurring. The full t cs apply to all casino games players on the sites so this maintains evenness amongst players.

Many people play online casino slot games as a way of entertaining themselves and they are most commonly played between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. When we look into the reason as to why a little more closely, we can see that this is actually due to the relaxation that the best slot sites enable players to achieve after long, stressful days at work. It is due to the repetitive spinning motion of the slots online reels that help to lull and calm new customers and loyal returning players on a frequent basis. Though online slot games are also used as a way of staying entertained too and can frequently be seen as a way for new players to kill time during boring situations, such as their commute to work, waiting for appointments or when they are collecting their children from school, for example. As slot online games are so easy to connect to due to them being accessible on all mobile devices, they are with us wherever we are and there is never a time when we are unable to play them, even when we are constantly on the move. All you have to do is affiliate yourself with your chosen slot site online, make a first deposit or min deposit which could be to deposit 10 or deposit 20 and you could be in with a chance of winning a significant bonus funds prize whilst you are multitasking on another more important task in your day.

Best Online Slot Bonuses to Look for at Irish Sites

For every player, whether they are new customers making their first deposit having checked what full t cs apply before they make the most of the new players welcome bonus offer or loyal, returning players who have been playing online casino slot games for decades, there is one thing they all agree on. For new players and returning ones, it is the free bonus spins offered on any specific features slot game they choose to play with this as a bonus cash potential win feature that they all enjoy the most. In fact, many new players and old, can base their decision as to which new slot games they play purely on whether there are free bonus spins involved in the bonus features available. But why are bonus free spins such a big attraction to all who play on slot games online?

This is due to the fact that free spins actually enable players to play for free. There is excitement in aiming to trigger the free spins bonus spins feature in the first place and then when a player is able to trigger it, there is such a rush of endorphins for new players and pre-existing players that never seems to get old. There is such potential with free sins bonus spins because there is the possibility of a bonus cash real money prize to be triggered and the fact that to play these free spins in an online slots casino of your choice does not cost you anything for the reels to spin is an added bonus. Therefore, it is not costing a player anything to be able to play and the chance of being able to win is just as likely as if they had paid to spin the reels. With many free spins bonus spins features also having added bonus features included such as multipliers, wilds, scatters and more, this increases the winning potential as play goes on during the free spin games which makes the spins for free even more exciting. These are just some of the reason as to why free spins are considered to be the best online slot bonus feature amongst online slots players around the world.

How Are Online Slots Controlled on the Best Sites?

One of the most frequently asked questions by new customers to an online slots site is how the online slots are controlled and how wins are divided between the players whether they are new players or existing players on the best slot sites available. This is a really easy question to answer although the technology behind the answer is very complex when it comes to keeping slot sites safe. All of the best online slots sites use an RNG or random number generator to ensure that t their online slots games are safe, fair and equal in creating wins and paying out bonus funds to their new players and pre-existing online players.

The random number generators, as you may have worked out from their name, use a computer-generated code every time the reel spins on slots online game sites. During play, the RNG knows before the player knows as to whether a win has occurred due to the fact that it knows whether there is going to be an alignment of appropriate symbols when the reel spins stop which can then trigger bonus features, free spins or bonus funds in return. The RNG was cleverly developed to prevent any cheating from being able to occur in any of the big casinos as there was so much fraud taking place in famous gambling provinces, like Las Vegas. But with such huge success for gambling prevention and it increases the safety and fairness for all who used the slot games, it was automatically implemented on all online slots for the protection of both the player and the casinos, too. There is nothing that can be done to sway the computer code that is the RNG and the length of time that you have been playing on a slot for, the amount of money you have spent on playing or whether you think the slot game owes you bonus funds, are all completely irrelevant factors. Spins on a slot are all considered to be a new player to the RNG so all background information is void.

Top Slots Site Games

On the Daisy Slots sites slot game list, you have a wide range of the best slot games to play from but it is always helpful when you are given a handy hint as to which the best slots are so we have chosen two of our best slot casino games to tell you about. The Daisy Slots sites Enchanted Prince is a fairy tale casino slot which takes us away from the stereotypical Prince and Princess fairytale and is actually located at the pond. This slot sees the transformation from frog to Prince when you make your min deposit to play and then you can set the reels spinning to see what magic is in store in this dreamy slot. Eyecon released this slot in April 2013 as a low variance, 94.995% slot game with a maximum available jackpot of 2,400 coins. You can place your bets from a min deposit of €0.01 up to a max bet of €12.50 per spins on this 5 reel video slot with 25 paylines in play. Make your min deposit 10 or deposit 20 and start to play this game today where you can aim to align specific symbols to trigger the best new bonus features in play that you possibly can. These include the substitution symbols, free spins, scatters, a bonus game and the Gamble feature which is optional whether you choose to use it during your play time or not.

Alternatively, you could make your min deposit 20 or even deposit 10 and play on the White Wizard casino new slot game instead. This is a great fun, mystical slot filled with dragons, unicorns, spells, and more so wave your magic wand and see if you can trigger some bonus funds for yourself as you play this new casino game which is considered to be one of the best magic-themed slot games around. Ranking high in the SlotRank Charts, the White Wizard slot game has earned itself a Top 100 Silver Badge and has been a great hit for the team at Eyecon who released it in June 2016. This is a high variance online casino slot game with an RTP of 94.941% and there are 3,000 coins available as the maximum available jackpot bonus funds. This may initially seem limited but when you learn about the bonus features of this game and how they can increase your winnings as you play on the Daisy Slots site, you will soon realise that this jackpot can massively increase and fast! There are free spins, substitutions, scatters, wilds and more in play as this slot is navigated with the help of the White Wizard himself. There are 5 reels in play here on this 25 payline video slot game and you can set the reels spinning with a range of wagering requirements from a min deposit of €0.01 up to a max deposit of €12.50 for spins each time. Though the magical White Wizard is there to guide you through the best slot magically themed, it is the dragon scatter symbol where this online casinos slots games best bonus funds can miraculously spring from. Obviously full t cs apply, but align but aim to align 3 to 5 dragon scatters to trigger 15 to 25 free spins bonus spins in this slot which can see you potentially rewarded with a sizeable bonus amount of real money cash.

Sites with Big Jackpots: Which Casino Slot you Should Pick

Play Rainbow Jackpots if you are looking for a different type of wagering requirement on the Daisy Slot site where there are free spins in abundance and a massive 400,000 coins bonus funds jackpot is available should you be lucky enough to trigger this max bonus slot prize. Rainbow Jackpots is an Irish themed slot game which has all of the new and old lucky symbols involved in its game play like the shamrock, the golden horseshoe and obviously the rainbow too. The lucky leprechaun will help to guide you through this fun online game and may even point you in the right direction of where the end of the rainbow sits. Red Tiger have done really well with this slot game which you can play today online on the Daisy Slots site and it has a Top7 ranking and a Top 10 Golden Badge to its name. Play slots here within the wagering requiring by first placing a mad deposit 10 or min deposit 20 to enable you to play this new popular casino bonus filled slot game. Rainbow Jackpots was released by Red Tiger in September 2017 as a mid to high variance slot game with an RTP of 95.16%. The min deposit for this games spins to start is 20p and the max bet is €500 on this 5 reel, 20 payline video slots online casino game. Once you have made your first deposit, you will be in with a chance of triggering multiple different new bonus features including the wilds bonus, free spins bonus and the bonus game. Play slots game Rainbow Jackpots today where full t cs apply and see if you can trigger that massive jackpot max bonus amount that everyone who plays this slot is talking about!

Now, WMS may not be one of the biggest online casino slot games most well-known names, but they have created one of the best slots on the Daisy Slot sites favourites list and it is known as Raging Rhino. This is the slots sites best wild animal slots game and it is loved for many different reasons with players all over the world. Firstly, they love this best slots games aesthetics as it has a beautiful African safari theme where you feel as if you are on holiday at sunset and surveying the wild animals on the African plains, although you are probably just sat playing on the best slot sites from the comfort of your own sofa. Secondly, there are so many free spins bonus spins on offer in this slots games opportunity that there will definitely be an opportunity for a bonus amount of real money cash to head your way whether you are a new play or an experienced one. The free spins are super exciting and add a real air of fun, magic and tension to this slots sites game. Lastly, Raging Rhino is considered to be one of the best slot sites games due to the fact that it has 4,096 paylines in play at all times. This means that the opportunity for creating winning alignments is massive here. Be sure to check what terms and cs apply before you play but with a max bonus win available of a 60,000 coins jackpot, it's all to play for in this slots game. WMS released this slots game in August 2015 with an RTP of 95.9%. The min deposit is 40p and the max deposit is €60 for spins to take place each time on this 6 reel video slots game where the wilds and the free spins are the main bonus spins casino slot games attractions.

Welcome Bonus Offer at Daisy Slots Site

Here at Daisy Slots, the best slot sites for new players to play online slots games on, there are over 500 different slots games for new players to play slots on at any time of the day or night as they choose. There are hundreds of different bonus spins features available, a wide range of different wagering requirements to enable anyone to be able to participate in play, and there are online casinos games to suit all players needs, likes and wants on this slot sites pages. For new players to be able to play slots on the best slot sites reels, they will first need to sign up to Daisy Slots so that they are affiliated member of the sites new players. To become one of the Daisy Slots sites new member it is really simple, fast and safe, with all new players needing to create a profile for themselves as an account, connecting the appropriate payment method and taking note of what terms and cs apply to them such as the wagering requirements and the 72 hours you have to use your deposit bonus spins as part of the wagering requirement in the deposit bonus. Being aware that this is not a free spins with no deposit slot site is important so as to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Currently, the welcome bonus offer for new players on the best slots sites like Daisy Slots, includes single bonus spins on the Mega Reel, 500 free bonus spins on the one of the sites top slot games, Starburst, and there are also bonus casino free spins available for new players on Fluffy Favourite best slots game too. The free bonus spins help to increase the bonus amount of cash that new players have in their credit when they start playing and help them to discover all the best online new games on the slots sites. The Mega Reel bonus spins feature is an interesting welcome bonus extra as it enables new players to either gain more free bonus spins, an instant cash prize or even an Amazon voucher for their spins, for them to spend any way they choose. To activate the welcome bonus offer, wagering requirements must be adhered to where terms and cs apply. A first deposit must be made of at least a min deposit 10, but some players choose to min deposit 20 to give themselves more credit to experience more games and activate more welcome bonus features. Though there is no need for a min deposit 20, all players who wish to take advantage of the casino welcome bonus deposit bonus offer must make a minimum deposit 10 as the terms and cs apply for the first deposit. This will activate the welcome package which will be waiting for you in your online casino account and you will have 72 hours to play your free spins and spins on the Mega Reel.

Best Casino Sites Welcome Bonuses

When you have made your first deposit on the best online slot site, slot sites like Daisy Slots offer their new players a welcome bonus casino offer which players have 72 hours to use. During this 72 hours, the Daisy Slots sites offer entails bonus casino free spins on two specific casino slot games which are hugely popular with players around the world and they are accessed once the new player has made their first deposit. When the first deposit has been made, there are 72 hours to play 500 bonus casino free spins on Starburst and bonus casino free spins on Fluffy Favourites too. As these casino games are both such huge hit slot games on all slot sites, it is important that we learn more about them, so that once you have deposit, bonus spins can be yours on these slot sites best casino games.

All slot sites have a sites favourite game and the Fluffy Favourites casino game is always up there at the top. There are so many cute and cuddly characters for you to meet along the way in this slot site classic that you won't know which one is your favourite new friend first, though the pink elephant have to be our favourite! The theme of this slot is set within a circus top and you will instantly feel as if you are at the fair as soon as you make your deposit to enable to you play. This is a SlotRank Charts slot sites Top 5 position holder and it has also gained a Top 10 Golden Badge due it is popularity with gamers on slot sites around the world, not just slot sites in Ireland. Eyecon released this slot in September 2016 and it has been one of the biggest hit casino games for them, enabling them to become affiliated with some of the biggest slot sites names around which was an added bonus for these games developers. This is a high variance slot with an RTP of 95.388% and there are 5,000 coins available as the max bonus jackpot prize. The Daisy Slot sites minimum deposit for Fluffy Favourites is €0.01 up to a max bet deposit of €12.50 for spins to start and for a shot at the max bonus prize on this 5 reel, 25 payline video slots game. Having placed a deposit, bonus features including scatter, substitutions, free spins, bonus symbols, a bonus game and a Gamble feature are all in play for you to take full advantage of as you try and trigger this slot sites big bonus prize jackpot.

Starburst is the main slot sites bonus feature game that you will receive 500 free spins on when you make your initial first deposit. Having made your deposit at the Daisy Slot sites in the appropriate way, you will soon be rewarded with your bonus deposit spins from the slot sites most loved slot, Starburst. Not only is it the Daisy slot sites favourite, but it is actually the favourite slot of all sites which is why it is currently the number one most player slot in the SlotRank Charts. This slot is considered to be the best slot that NetEnt have ever created by many players whether they are new players or experienced returning players to the sites they have been affiliated with for years, like Daisy Slots. This is an interesting slot because it is space-themed but it has jewels, gems and diamonds floating all around the reels for you to try and align once you have made your deposit. This slot was released in November 2013 as a low variance slot with an RTP of 96.09% and there is a max available jackpot bonus prize of 50,000 coins for any lucky player to get their hands on during their epic out of space journey.

Having made the necessary deposit so that you have the credit needed in your online casino account that this sites requirements stipulate, you can place the min bet of €0.01 up to the max bet of €100 for the reel spins to start play on this 5 reel video slot which has 10 payline that payout in both directions to increase the number of ways in which symbols can align to create winning combinations. There are no free bonus spins available to trigger in this sites best slot, but there are many different variations on the wild here, like the re-spin wild, spreading wilds, wild rush, and then there are expanding symbols along with the regular re-spins too so there is plenty to make up for the lack of free spins. You won't have to embark on your space orientated journey for long to see why this is to the top slot on slot sites all over the world and vote as the favourite slot by players everywhere.

Slot Sites with New Slots Online

There are many great reasons as to why the new casino slots games are the best to choose and with them being the most up to date with their aesthetics, bonus feature and their themes are just some of the most obvious reasons that new players think that they are the best games to play. New casino online slots always use the highest quality technology behind them and the games developers are able to keep them up to date with the latest trends that gamers are enjoying and making the most of. Take Gonzo's Quest for example. No one could have anticipated what a hot slot this would be and how many players would enjoy playing cascading blocks style slot, but it became a hugely popular online slots game very quickly and due to this, we have just seen the release of its successor, Gonzo's Quest Megaways, which probably would not have been created if it had not been for the original games' success. So games developers are able to see what we, as players, are enjoying, what we like about the slots and dislike, and they take note about these elements and create new games, bonus features and comparative for us so that we can have much better slot games overall. Though there are some classic slot titles that are worth your while, the new slots are where all the interesting bonuses features, biggest jackpots and latest trends are, so why don't you head on over to the Daisy Slots site and see which of the new slot games take your fancy today?