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With so many slot ie games to choose from, it is often difficult to know which the best online slots games to play on your mobile device of choice can be, so it is always helpful to be pointed in the right direction from a reputable source. That is why Daisy Slots have created the best slots list for you to play online so that you have a good idea of the best places to head to when you want to play one. There are bonus rounds, free spins and real money prizes involved so that you can increase your enjoyment of the games and increase the length of time that you are able to play the online slot of your choice for. Let's take a look at your slot casino options.

What Online Slots Payout the Most Frequently?

There are many ways in which you can work out which slot games can payout the most frequently and sometimes this is a subjective decision but it is best to make the most informed choice you can by taking note of the information on the provider page regarding the individual slot game itself. The majority of players want to be able to with a lower bankroll and want to be able to play with a smaller minimum bet so that they can play their slot game of choice for longer periods of time without running out of credit before they win. For this reason, they consider the best online slots to be games with lower variance levels so Enchanted Prince is one great example of a low variance game with a low variance. This means that the wins will be frequent although they will never be massive. Let's take a look at Enchated Prince in more detail.

Enchanted Prince was released by Eyecon in April 2013 and it is a fun slot to play due to its theme. Instead of stereotypically being about the Princess finding the Prince, this is more about the Prince on his journey from frog to man and you spend most of this casino games journey at the side of a magical looking pond as you discover this online slot games hidden bonus features. This is a low variance slot with an RTP of 94.995% and there are 2,400 coins for you to win as the maximum available jackpot. The minimum bet to be placed here is €0.01 up to a maximum of €12.50 to enable the reels to turn on this 5 reel, 25 payline video slot where the bonus rounds features include substitutions, scatters, free spins and a heavily debated Gamble feature for you to opt in or out of during your time playing this fairytale themed slots game.

What Slot Machines Have the Best Payouts?

When it comes to looking for slot machines that have the best payouts this means different things to different players. This could mean frequent payouts that tot up to being significant during the overall playtime, but it could mean one large win where progressive jackpot slots games are the way forward for players looking to achieve something big, although they are hard to bag the jackpot prize with so many players vying for one prize. We think that looking at all of the available information regarding a slots games game is the best way to make sure that a slots machine is going to be suitable for you if you want to find the best payout. So we think that you could be really happy and satisfied playing a slots like Rainbow Jackpots and these are our reasons as to why.

Rainbow Jackpots is one of the best payout slots available for you to play and it was released by Red Tiger in September 2017. It has a mid to high variance factor and there is an RTP of 95.16% so you will not win all the time but when you do win, the wins will be of significant value to your bankroll. There is a massive maximum available jackpot here of 400,000 coins which you have the ability to win as you play slots here on this Irish themed slots game where the pipe-smoking leprechaun will guide you through the game, help you when you need it and celebrate your successes every step of the way. This is a brightly coloured and Irish luck filled video slots game with 5 reels and 20 paylines in play as you play slots here. You can place your bets from €0.20 to €500 per spin of the reel so it caters well for all sizes of bankroll. The bonus features in play here include the wilds, free spins and the bonus game to help increase your likelihood of winning, but will you find the pot of gold hiding at the end of the rainbow as you play this online slots spectacular?

Which is the Best High Variance Slots Game Available?

For certain players, usually those with the larger bankrolls, they like to look for online slot games that have a high variance score. To them, this makes them automatically become better online slots and they will be more likely to play these games as they know they will be more likely to win better returns on this style of slots game. With high variance slots, wins do not land frequently but when they do land they are much more significant than games with lower variance factors. This means that the real money prizes can often be life-changing to players who win these slots game jackpots and though it won't necessarily mean that they can retire early and move to the Bahamas, it will mean that they have the potential to pay off their mortgage, buy a new car or take that once in a lifetime holiday they have always dreamed of with their entire family. These slots cost more to be able to play but the stakes are higher because the returns will be greater so often players are happier to put more into the games. If you are looking for the best slots with high variance, you should consider playing the White Wizard slot for the following reasons.

The White Wizard is a magical video slot where they are many mystical characters for you to meet along the way, including the unicorn, dragon and, of course, the White Wizard himself. The dragon is the scatter in this slots game and if you are able to align three of the dragon symbols at the same time then you will be able to trigger 15 free spins for yourself, align four dragons and you'll receive 20 free spins, and there are 25 free spins available if you can align all five dragons at the same time. This is one of the best slots features because you can re-trigger this feature 15 times to gain a massive number of free spins for yourself where the winnings can be massive on this slot machine with it costing you nothing and you having to do absolutely nothing. This is a great slots game from Eyecon which was released in June 2016 as a high variance slot with an RTP of 94.941%. There is a maximum available jackpot of 3,000 coins but you can increase this easily with a large number of bonus features available at all times. These bonus rounds features include substitutions, free spins, the substitution of winning symbols, scatters and wilds. On the best online slot for high variance, you can place your bets from €0.01 to €12.50 to get your reels spinning on this 5 reel, 25 payline video slot where the there is just as magical as the potential prizes on this game.

Best Megaways Slot Casinos Game For You

Many people love the concept of online slots that offer them megaways in which to win and this style of slot machine games are increasingly in their popularity so there are more and more of them becoming available to players. They are fun because there are so many ways in which you can win and we have come a long way from the original fruit machine where there was originally just one way in which you could win a prize. Now, with the megaways slots, there are literally thousands of ways in which you can win and the slot machine we have chosen as our favourite is no exception. Though many megaways slots are also progressive jackpot games, the slot we have chosen to tell you about is not but that is actually part of the reason as to why we love it so much. So, as our best slot machine for megaways slots lovers, we have chosen to tell you all about Raging Rhinos and as you may have guessed there is definitely an animal theme here so this is a great slots game if you want wild animal roaming around your reels too. Here's why we think you will enjoy it.

WMS created Raging Rhino slots game and they released this in August 2015 with a mid to high variance and with an RTP of 95.9%. There is a sizeable maximum available jackpot of 60,000 coins but this can be easily increased as you play this slots game due to the bonus rounds in play. The minimum bet level is higher than many other slots games due to the fact that there are so many more ways in which you are able to win, so take that into consideration before you decide against playing this slots game. Bets start from 40p up to €60 per spin of the reel on this 6 reel video slots game which has an impressive 4,096 paylines in play. Now, on initial inspection, the bonus rounds features do seem a little stingy as there are only wilds, scatters and free spins in play, but when you discover their generosity and what they are able to achieve for you, you will soon realise just how beneficial it is having just these three bonus features. For example, 3 slots scatters aligned at the same time will trigger 8 bonus spins up to 6 scatters that will trigger 50 bonus spins and these are by far the most awaited part of this slots game.

Choosing Your Slots Game

When it comes to choosing the best online slots game for you, it is a very personal choice but there are a few different factors to take into consideration. The first is the size of your bankroll. If you have a smaller bankroll, then you are likely to want to aim for slots that are of lower volatility so that they are less risky when you are playing them so that you are more likely to be able to see some return on your spinning. You should also take into consideration the length of time that you are wanting to be playing for as the longer playing is occurring for, the more credit you will potentially be spending. If you choose a slots game which is costing more to spin the reels even if you are doing so at the minimum bet level, this may be the wrong choice of slot game if you are wanting to use this game for prolonged periods of time.

Thinking about what you want to get out of your time playing on slots should also come into your decisions making too. Are you playing because you are looking to be able to win a massive jackpot prize or are you wanting to entertain yourself? Though slots are good for both of these, there is a big financial difference and you need to be aware of this. You should never be playing slots with money that you cannot afford to lose as this can be detrimental to your financial position, mental standing and overall health. Never assume that just because there is a big jackpot prize available on a slot machine that you will win it because that is rarely the case, so be cautious as you choose the best online slot for you but be sure to have plenty of fun!